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  • R&D

    Wireless Audio is connecting to the world. The team included elites of different field: Identity Design, Mechanical Design, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer and Project Management Raxconn wireless range product is the best Hi-Fi audio applications in terms of Delay Time, Audio Quality, Transmission Distance, Cost Effective and Time to Market.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Even state-of-art product also needed an effective marketing strategy to package and promote in order to success. To participate in the high-end market for Audio accessory, Raxconn pursuing a premium market strategy. This move is a great opportunity for the brand to position itself as an innovative technology brand plus unique design. We keep develop the Channel in Worldwide.

  • QA & QC

    High quality product is the essential component a brand should possess. Raxconn Quality Assurance team is to ensure a good quality product is produced, monitoring the whole process from design to mass production stage.
    Contact : techsupport@raxconn.com.tw
    General: sales@raxconn.com.tw

  • Service & Supporting

    Effective and efficient are both main targets the team must reach. We are welcomed to cooperate with International Distributor, establish local channel together.

    Contact : servicesupport@raxconn.com.tw
    General: sales@raxconn.com.tw