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RX-2788U GamingKeyboard

  • The rectangular layout of a standard QWERTY keyboard has been reconfigured into a space saving circular format to enable all the keys to be easily reached with one hand.
  • K Lock key
  • Enlarged & Aligned WASD keys
  • Custom shaped keys
  • All the important control keys for FPS and other games are accessible without changing hand position.
  • Unique hybrid design combines the patented WARRIOR 52 key game pad with an additional 47 “QWERTY” keys and controls enabling broad game compatibility and single-handed text entry.
  • Ergonomic WARRIOR game pad area features innovative vertical space bar enlarged & aligned “WASD” layout, dual “CTRL” AND custom oversized keys to maximize comfort, increase control and accommodate different user hand sizes.
  • Audio controls and “K Lock” key for convenient communication.
  • “BLUE MOON” backlight can be turned on or off.
  • 2 elevation risers for optimal height adjustment.
  • Compact size for convenient transport, saves desktop space to allow for more efficient mouse positioning.
  • Top surface features piano black finish matte side coating.
  • Specially weighted key press mechanism.
  • 2 USB ports for convenient desktop attachment of additional USB devices.
  • Precision weighted board, provides stability and quite operation.
  • Special circular space bar positioned for easy access during single-handed text entry.
  • The world's first one - handed keyboard that is specifically designed and configured for RPG & FP5 games.
  • Ergonomic 2-in-1 keypad design with an intuitive layout makes it easy to use with one hand during gameplay.
  • Features an oversized vertical space bar, aligned "WASD" layout, dual "Ctrl" and custom enlarged keys to maximize comfort, increase control and fit all hand sizes.
  • Precision weighted keyboard fits comfortably on your lap making it stable and easy to use.
  • Cool "blue moon" backlighting makes it easier to play in low light.
  • For PC/ Laptop, special for FPS & RPG games
Product overview
  • Innovative design - combines the patented WARRIOR 52 key gamepad with an additional 47 "QWERTY" keys and controls. * USB Plug & play - No drivers required.
  • 2 USB ports - allow you to hook up devices such as gaming mice and headphones.
  • Customizable - height adjustment gives you better comfort.
  • Noise reducing technology - flexible 3-layer silicon membrane allows you to playquietly.
  • Quality & Performance - keyboard lifespan rated at over 10 million keystrokes.
  • o Specially weighted keys - enables greater precision and control of your keystrokes.
  • o Communication keys - allow you to stay in touch with your friends at the touch of a button.